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Booz Allen Hamilton is a major U.S. intelligence and military contractor., with offices in Virginia and Baku. Investigation into the firm began after the discovery that HBGary Federal CEO Aaron Barr had corresponded with one of the firm's vice presidents, William Wansley, regarding his research into both Wikileaks and Anonymous, and had afterwards been invited to meet with the executive about an unspecified "project."

Discussions with HBGary

On January 26th, 2011 Aaron Barr spoke to William Wansley by phone, after which Wansley wrote him the following e-mail:


Nice talking to you today and I look forward to meeting you. We will plan a meeting this Friday at 10:30 at Booz Allen, 8283 Greensboro Drive, McLean, to discuss how you may be able to support our project.



A few days after the meeting, on January 31st, Barr sends the following e-mail to Wansley and several other Booz Allen employees - as well as John Woods, the partner of Hunton & Williams law firm who is named in the bar complaint that was eventually issued in response to the firm's involvement in the Team Themis affair.

just a status. I started to look more carefully for wikileaks ties within anonymous...there are many. BTW, anonymous is looking for its next effort to get involved in and is looking to resurrect operation payback in support of wikileaks.

Later in the day, Woods responds to Barr privately:

Aaron - Please stand down. We should have a meeting.

Aaron doesn't reply to Woods via e-mail, and it's unknown what prompted Woods' request for Barr to "stand down."

On February 5th, Barr again wrote to Woods, Wansley, and other Booz employees to bring attention to the just-published Financial Times article reporting on his alleged success in identifying Anonymous' participants and "leadership:"


See link below. I have made significant progress on the group and have 80-90% of their leadership mapped out. Meeting with Govies next week. I have tight few weeks and have told the folks supporting our other effort that I will not be able to give them much support until my presentation is over on Feb. 14th. Sorry for the timing.


As Barr's e-mail was compromised by Anonymous the following day, there is no record available of any reply, nor any additional information about the nature of the "project" Barr was called in to discuss. Nonetheless, the nature of the exchange - including Aaron's presumption that Wansley would recognize the term "Operation Payback" - would seem to indicate that Anonymous and Wikileaks were both somehow related to Booz Allen's efforts in addition to those of HBGary Federal.

Senior Leaders

Dr. Ralph W. Shrader is Chairman, Chief Executive Officer, and President of Booz Allen Hamilton Inc., the leading strategy and technology consulting firm (annual revenue of more than $5 billion; 25,000 staff). He is the seventh Chairman since the firm's founding in 1914, and has led Booz Allen through a significant period of growth and strategic realignment.

CG Appleby Executive Vice President & Chief Legal Officer CG Appleby is a McLean-based Executive Vice President with Booz Allen Hamilton who serves as the firm’s Chief Legal Officer. His professional experience spans statutory law and regulations as they affect operations. In addition, Mr. Appleby serves as the Secretary of Booz Allen’s Board of Directors and also serves on its senior management team and Operating Council.

Francis J. Henry Executive Vice President Booz Allen Hamilton Executive Vice President Jimmy Henry is the market lead for the firm’s civil business, supported by a team of 6,000 staff and 170 vice presidents and principals. In addition, Mr. Henry is a member of the firm’s Leadership Team, co-leads the Finance and Operations group, and is chair of the trustees for Booz Allen’s Employee Capital Accumulation Plan (ECAP).

Lloyd Howell, Jr. Executive Vice President. Lloyd Howell is an Executive Vice President currently serving as Booz Allen Hamilton’s Financial Services’ Client Service Officer for civil market clients. In that capacity, he leads the business in delivering the firm’s capabilities and service offerings to both the federal and private sectors.

Ronald T. Kadish Senior Vice President Ron Kadish is a Senior Vice President leading the firm's Engineering & Operations Capability Area. Mr. Kadish is responsible for driving Booz Allen’s delivery of engineering and operations support for the firm’s government clients in the civil, defense, and security market sectors as well as its commercial and international markets.

Gary D. Labovich Senior Vice President Gary Labovich is responsible for managing the firm’s Technology Team, which is an 8,000+ member organization providing technology consulting and systems solutions to clients across the federal government and in commercial markets. In addition to his functional responsibilities, Mr. Labovich is responsible for driving the Civil Market Technology business.

Joseph Logue Executive Vice President Booz Allen Hamilton Executive Vice President Joe Logue leads the firm's largest segment—the Defense business comprises more than 10,000 professionals with $2.8 billion in annual sales. He is also a member of the firm’s Leadership Team. Previously, Mr. Logue was the Client Service Officer for the firm’s U.S. Navy and Marine Corps business.

Joseph W. Mahaffee Executive Vice President Joe Mahaffee, a Executive Vice President with Booz Allen Hamilton, has more than 28 years of experience in communications, information assurance and SIGINT. Mr. Mahaffee began his career at Booz Allen in November 1981 providing system engineering and security support on key Navy and Joint Service programs.

John D. Mayer Executive Vice President Jack Mayer is a Booz Allen Hamilton Executive Vice President based at the firm’s McLean, Virginia headquarters, where he is responsible for organizational transformation and change management initiatives for public sector clients. Mr. Mayer leads Booz Allen’s business in support of the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Justice.

John M. (Mike) McConnell Executive Vice President Mike McConnell is Executive Vice President and leader of the National Security Business for Booz Allen Hamilton and is a member of the firm’s Leadership Team. Mr. McConnell previously served from 2007-2009 as U.S. Director of National Intelligence (DNI), a position of Cabinet rank under Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama.

Robert S. Osborne Executive Vice President As an executive vice president and executive general counsel of Booz Allen Hamilton, Bob Osborne leads a team of attorneys and other professionals supporting all aspects of the firm’s legal needs, including corporate governance, government contract law, securities law, employment law, and ethics and compliance.

Patrick F. Peck Executive Vice President Patrick Peck is an Executive Vice President with Booz Allen Hamilton and leads the firm’s 8,000-member Technology capability team, which provides management and technology services to government and commercial markets through a multi-dimensional approach in Strategy & Innovation, Systems Engineering & Integration, Systems Development, and Cyber Technologies.

Horacio D. Rozanski Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer As Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer at Booz Allen Hamilton, Horacio Rozanski is responsible for driving operational excellence and efficiencies throughout the firm. Previously, he was Booz Allen’s Chief Strategy & Talent Officer responsible for overall strategy and people programs that position the firm for success.

Samuel R. Strickland Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer Sam Strickland is a Booz Allen Hamilton Executive Vice President and is the firm’s Chief Financial and Administrative Officer. As Chief Financial Officer, he is responsible for managing the capital structure and financial operations of Booz Allen’s $5+ billion enterprise.

Richard J. Wilhelm Executive Vice President Richard Wilhelm leads the firm’s 5,500-person Analytics team, which provides business, mission, performance, policy, intelligence and operations analysis services to its government and commercial clients.

Board Members

Members of the board as of October, 2011.[1]:

  • Ralph W. Shrader (see above)
  • Samuel R. Strickland (see above)
  • Pierre Rodocanachi, aged 72, Active Starts.
  • Charles Rossotti, aged 71, of The Carlyle Group.
  • Philip Odeen, aged 75, of The AES Corporation.
  • Peter Clare, aged 46, of The Carlyle Group.
  • Ian Fujiyama of The Carlyle Group.
  • Didier Pineau-Valencienne, aged 80, of Sagard.
  • Allan Holt of TC Group IV, L.L.C. --
  • Mark Gaumond of Booz Allen Hamilton.

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