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Chenega Corporation, the recipient of billions of tax dollars annually, is awarded thousands of "no-bid" contracts every year based on its status as a "native company" which means it not only gets preferential treatment in providing services to the federal government but also pays virtually no taxes and receives many other such special exemptions.

The natives of Chenega inhabited their island for around 10,000 years before their villages were destroyed by a tsunami resulting from the 1964 Alaskan "Good Friday" earthquake. In 1971, Congress enacted the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act, paving the way for the Chenega Corporation (est. 1974) to take responsibility for enforcing the federal relocation of native people to Prince William Sound. While some of Chenega's indigenous population attempted to rebuild the island, it was also hit by the Exxon-Valdez oil spill of 1989 and was listed as uninhabited by the 2000 census.


Chenega provides the U.S. war complex everything from aerospace engineering to TSA x-ray scanner repair to Guantanamo interrogators. While it is unlikely they provide anything to Metal Gear of a caliber comparable to Endgame Systems, Palantir, etc they do list Enterprise Level IT, Cyber Threat Analysis, Information Security, Application Development, Support to Special Operations, Worldwide DoD Telecommunications Systems and Support to Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Operations among their "key capabilities". Nothing specific about their IT products/services has emerged yet, but they shared the roster for the Eagle II Supplier Kickoff Meeting with employees of HBGary.

Corporate Family

American Hospital Services Group LLC (AHSG)
Chenega Aerospace, LLC (CA) – Las Vegas, NV
Chenega Federal Systems, LLC (CFS) – Lorton,VA
      Chenega Logistics,LLC (CL) – Sioux Falls, SD
Chenega Global Services, LLC (CGS) – Anchorage, AK
Chenega Commercial Holdings, LLC (CCH) – Anchorage, AK
Chaaniqmuit Services, LTD. – Anchorage, AK
Chenega Government Consulting, LLC (CGC) – Chesapeake, VA
Chenega Operations Services, LLC (COS) – Anchorage, AK
Chenega Security & Protection Services, LLC (CSPS) – Ashburn, VA
     Chenega Blackwater Solutions, LLC – Ashburn, VA
Nangwik Services, LLC – Jacksonville, FL
Time Solutions, LLC – Albuquerque, NM
CTSC, LLC– Alexandria, VA
     Chenega Advanced Solutions & Engineering, LLC (CASE) – Norfolk, VA
     Chenega Integrated Systems, LLC (CIS) – Alexandria, VA
     Chenega Management, LLC (CM) – Anchorage, AK 


Summary of Key Capabilities (PDF)

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