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v1.0 release candidate 1

  • added DeleteHistory to purge old revision histories
  • added SimpleSecurity to adjust permissions on pages by group
  • added Lockdown to restrict access to various Special Pages for security reasons
  • added DeleteUser to purge inactive users and bots
  • hide History, Talk, and View Source tabs from unauthorized users
  • turned off display of IP addresses in the header bar
  • ReCaptcha had been added previously but not noted

v1.0 beta 3

  • Added auto-suggest functionality to the search box

v1.0 beta 2

  • Added some sort of editor toolbar, to help you with editing/creating pages and articles
  • Fixed some images that didn't show up in the wiki
  • Added some antispam measures

v1.0 beta 1

  • Added security measures against vandalism
  • added the usergroup Project PM and gave them permissions (also to go against vandalism)
  • Removed all garbage
  • upgraded to latest version