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2:31 AM EST PI-products | Internet monitoring -

This came up in searches for Elaman, just looking under internet monitoring.

Big Brother even watches the paper shredder

1:49 AM EST "Online Security Training"

Offensive Security Training

Join the Offensive Security online security training team on a non-stop heart-pounding ride of excitement as you crash through firewalls and exploit servers using the world's leading Penetration Distribution - BackTrack.Our courses are based on years of experience in the penetration testing field, and delivered by renowned security professionals. Our certification exams are one of the only real-world, hands-on Penetration Testing Certifications in the market today.Start your path to becoming a true security professional - and join the select masters of Offensive Security.

1:00am EST Booz Allen

[ Next-generation governance is the key to future IT success Agencies can take advantage of tools and technologies available to make better decisions]

By Fred Knops, Mike Isman Apr 13, 2011

 Over the last 10-plus years, leaders within federal agencies have worked diligently to establish and maintain effective IT governance practices. But despite many well-intentioned efforts, effective governance remains an elusive goal for most agencies.

With the recent release of the 25-Point Implementation Plan to Reform Federal Information Technology Management, federal CIO Vivek Kundra summed it up this way: “Too often, federal IT projects run over budget, behind schedule, or fail to deliver promised functionality.”

Securing the Cloud: Cloud Computer Security Techniques and Tactics

As companies turn to cloud computing technology to streamline and save money, security is a fundamental concern. Loss of certain control and lack of trust make this transition difficult unless you know how to handle it. Securing the Cloud discusses making the move to the cloud while securing your peice of it! The cloud offers felxibility, adaptability, scalability, and in the case of security-resilience. This book details the strengths and weaknesses of securing your company’s information with different cloud approaches. Attacks can focus on your infrastructure, communications network, data, or services. The author offers a clear and concise framework to secure your business’ assets while making the most of this new technology. Provides a sturdy and stable framework to secure your piece of the cloud, considering alternate approaches such as private vs. public clouds, SaaS vs. IaaS, and loss of control and lack of trust Discusses the cloud’s impact on security roles, highlighting security as a service, data backup and disaster recovery Details the benefits of moving to the cloud-solving for limited availability of space, power and storage About the Author Vic (J.R.) Winkler is a Senior Associate at Booz Allen Hamilton, providing technical consultation to U.S. Government clients. He is a published InfoSec and cyber security researcher as well as an expert in intrusion/anomaly detection. At Sun Microsystems, Vic served as the Chief Technologist for Security for the Sun Public Cloud. He was also Chairman of the Board for the Sun Security Technology Ambassador program (presales security engineers). In 2010, he became a member of the Advisory Board for StratuScape (a Silicon Valley startup). Vic’s background includes positions as an R&D principal investigator at Planning Research Corporation (PRC), where he was the lead designer and Program Manager for a trusted B1 UNIX OS. At PRC, he also conceived of and built one of the first network/host Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS). Vic has over 30 years’ experience in InfoSec/cyber security, cloud computing, systems and applications engineering, IT operations and management. He has numerous technical conference publications, and as a visiting cyber security expert, Vic was the author of the Information Security policy for the Government of Malaysia.