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SecDev is a Canadian "operational consultancy"/think tank who produces Cloakroom, a covert investigation and Persona Management application marketed to law enforcement and intelligence agencies. Arnav Manchanda of SecDev sought a partnership with HBGary.

SecDev is closely partnered with Palantir and both companies are partnered with the Citizen Lab at U Toronto, an organization which shares much of its funding and neoliberal morality with NPR.

Cloakroom Connect

Designed specifically for intelligence, security and law enforcement agencies conducting OSINT (open source) and clandestine research, Cloakroom Connect provides a powerful, integrated and simple to use solution. Unique in the industry, Cloakroom Connect transparently combines nonattribution, secured connectivity, identity congruence and geographically distributed egress points into a single platform.

Built for the enterprise, Cloakroom Connect enables organizations to create, maintain and adopt Personas designed to pinpoint specific investigative regions and targets through the Cloakroom Persona Manager. Analysts simply select the appropriate Persona for a specific investigation.

Directly integrated with Palantir, Cloakroom Connect can support both real-time analyst driven research as well as automated harvesting tools, and can be configured to run in either standalone or networked modes. To match specific investigative needs, Cloakroom Connect offers geographic diversity and multiple options for egress, including Low Attribution, Clandestine and Covert.

  • Integration with Palantir: Cloakroom provides seamless integration with Palantir in both in-line and standalone modes. Cloakroom's Palantir Browser Plugin works transparently with the Palantir ontology to enable analysts to tag, link and import content directly into Palantir from within their browser.
  • Non-attribution: Each Cloakroom Persona can be linked to a regional Cloakroom X-Node or out-proxy to provide non-attribution. Research targets see the out-proxy as the source of analyst requests.
  • Secured Connectivity: Cloakroom transparently provides secure connectivity between the research station and the selected X-Node.
  • Personas: Unique in the industry, Cloakroom enables analysts to quickly and easily create Personas. Selectable on-the-fly, each Persona combines a unique browser profile with a specific regional X-Node, enabling analysts to select the online identity that best matches their research objectives. To support specific investigative needs, Cloakroom Connect provides three options for X-node / egress security: Low Attribution, Clandestine and Covert.
  • Ease-of-use: Cloakroom offers single-click ease-of-use, enabling analysts

Cloakroom provides analysts with the unique ability to create and adopt specific Personas - a collection of trace identity attributes that reflect or mimic those of a particular group or type of individual including language and geographic location. Unique in the industry, Cloakroom's powerful Persona Management capabilities enable analysts to cloak their identity and present specific attributes to targets while conducting sensitive on-line research. Cloakroom Persona can be re-used or even shared among analysts.