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UFOs have been everyone’s fantasy, the probability of life occurring in our hostile universe is very less, the probability of Intelligent life is lesser than that. We might not encounter another intelligent species till we become a Multi- Sol civilization and by Multi- Sol I mean yes have colonized planets across a few stars in our galactic neighborhood. We have a long way to go and as humans we are most likely to have a situation like the movie Avatar rather than a Independence Day or Mars attacks.  So there is a lot buzz going on about UFOs off late, multiple main stream media is going bonkers on the possibility of meeting aliens but I should ask them to chill the fuck out! The UFO craze is evidence of the mainstream media outlets like Fox News have no scientific Temper, this craze on both sides of the spectrum is evidence that they like to ignore science and specifically high school science.

The USS Nimitz had reported an incident of such phenomenon where multiple pilots described their encounters with a spheroid(Tic Tac) frosty white type craft. The Cris-cross maneuvers  are consistent with magnetic control of locomotion of objects, DARPA and the MIT Media lab have demonstrated such capabilities at a small scale. Now you might ask me how did they get turn the craft to levitate in a magnetic field, the answer lies at another type of materials known super conductors, they exhibit such properties at extremely low temperatures. This is consistent with the explanation of the craft movements and the materials are very much available to anybody who knows how to make them in a lab . Oh and who is the genius behind such wonderful drones you ask its Salvatore Pais. The movements of high descent and rapid ascent can be explained via the same principle used in zeppelins. His patents include a gravitational wave generator which has the UFO community abuzz and another patent known as a craft using an inertial mass reduction device which was granted by the CTO of Naval Aviation Enterprise claiming that the US was playing catch up with China.

Now why would someone build something like this well, this type of craft could serve as decoys for submarines and maybe in the future serve as a type of locomotion for airplanes and what not but why would someone not recognize human progress and appreciate it and instead attribute it to an alien species. This is what happens when the mainstream media doesn’t take seriously, it’s a phenomenon worldwide and I guess that needs to change else we are turning ourselves in mindless sheep to be honest. Also the pyramid shaped UFO is a either a lens artifact or a glow in night vision triangle attached to a drone so just don’t bother interrogating Army and Navy folks on your show.

Now why did the US Government form a committee to study the so called Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon created by the US Navy well it’s either money laundering as a lot of it went to Bigelow aerospace. As to why they would be encouraging the idea of aliens right now? well since a lot of people have got Covid-19 induced psychosis and neurosis which means if these guys hear anything about the ‘aliens’ they wouldn’t dare do anything stupid, and controlling them would be easier according to a few heads of Intelligence but the major consensus among the scientific community is that belief in such stuff is nothing short of insanity and it could worsen the effects of psychosis and neurosis in patients, we may encounter some form of life in the moons of Jupiter and Saturn but it would be a very long time till we encounter intelligent life. Also since we solved this mystery without much effort I demand that we be paid $22 Mn the same amount used to setup the agency to study such phenomenon which has in fact worsened the issue, it hardly took us an hour to figure the stuff out and I’m sure we will put better use of that money.